Severn Offshore Services

Severn Offshore Services own and operate a growing fleet of high-speed offshore crew transfer vessels, that service the offshore renewable energy and offshore oil and gas sectors. These services include but are not limited to, Construction Support, Operation and Maintenance Phases, Guard/ Chase Vessel Responsibilities and Dive and ROV Facilitation.  We have a specialist understanding of these industries as well as the client requirement within them. We create a bespoke package for our client’s, allowing the client to extract the optimum efficiency of our service in a timely manner. We appreciate that at during the length of a contract unforeseen circumstances may occur causing a deviation to the scope of works. We pride ourselves in our ability to remain dynamic and flexible to suit the client’s needs in these circumstances, with vessel management available and on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

sos-icon APPROACH

What makes us different

It’s a sense of quality that all Management, Masters and crew have to possess in order to be employed by Severn Offshore Services. We find the most optimum solutions and get the job done in time and on budget. The result is the highest level of service and flexibility in the market


Our Know how is your peace of mind

Our crew members are of the highest standard and trained to meet every national and international regulation necessary. Our extremely high level of “know how” and experience throughout the entire organisation is what makes us different from our competitors.

sos-icon EQUIPMENT

The best equipment, The best results 

At Severn Offshore Services we use class leading DAMEN Offshore Support Vessels. These vessels have been designed to offer higher availability rates to our clients through its ability to operate 24hrs a day further offshore with less downtime caused by the weather.


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